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New York… Where to start!? There are hundreds of websites you could use to try and find out a thing or two on the big apple… The reason we turn to blogs is that these sites reel off boring uninspiring facts that leave us none the wiser! And a blog gives a personal opinion. A genuine perspective which you, the reader, can choose to love or leave. You need “an inside guide” as it were. Luckily a friend of mine who frequents New York got her Manhattan pal to send her a list of places to stay, see, eat, drink and cherish! (Which she kindly passed on to me!) So I can share a few of my best bits with you now, but hey!… The fun of it is finding it out for yourself! So get ready for the trip of your life!  

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So the worst part about me is that I overthink everything. I’m sure choosing the right name for your blog shouldn’t be this time consuming but for me, it’s something I needed to just get over and do… Or I will spend endless hours wondering if one word sounds better than another, if it should have an adjective shoved on the end or I should use alliteration! (You get the picture!) … 

Ive wanted to start a blog for ages but I have been procrastinating for a while. I don’t know why. I think it’s because there are so many blogs and we just hear about the best ones that it puts you off a little. And then I realised I wanted to write a blog because I actually enjoy writing. So here it is… My first “post.”

I always enjoyed writing at school. I went to an all girls grammar school in south Essex. Hated it. Well I hated detention. Until sixth form when I realised I was going to be homeless no matter what school I went to if I didn’t Buck my ideas up! So I guess you could say I was a bit of a rebel. WHSG wasn’t really the school for “creative arts” therefore I grew up feeling like I wasn’t really good enough because everyone around me was do ridiculously intelligent! Nevertheless, I had a good time! And when I did start making an effort I very quickly realised essay-based subjects was my way forward…

I don’t want to make this a boring biography… And that’s how it’s looking 😂 So what I’m saying is I love to write… I love analysing subjects and topics, poems, stories, insignificant little quotes… And when you’re writing about something you love it should be easy. So I will be writing about predominantly Style. I recently took part in an online personal styling course which I loved but have yet to finish. I love styling clothes, people, interiors, photos, anything really. I like the way things look. Doesn’t everyone!?