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Holt! I’ve found a perfect little retreat in Norfolk. 

Norfolk might not be the first place you think of when you imagine a relaxing weekend away! Most probably the  modern marbelled floor and scenic peaceful walls of a spa might be more what you imagine… Or maybe a long weekend in the sun somewhere to forget your hectic work schedule and constant “to-do” lists would be the perfect escape!? Well… If you’re thinking “yes so why are you writing about Norfolk!?” The answer is that North Norfolk has all of the retreats you can imagine on offer. And the bonus is you can take your beloved pooch with you too ☺️😁 

My husband and I love going somewhere you can bring the dog… Not only is it relaxed and affordable it usually means you spend quality time together walking, talking, drinking and eating and generally taking the much needed time you’ve been dreaming of to properly unwind and recharge! 

So my advice is to stay in the village of Holt. (We stayed at “The Feathers Hotel” right in the middle of the high street so in a perfectly central location!) Located about 15 minutes from Wells next the sea and 15 minutes from Cromer in the other direction. Although you may feel inclined to stay right on the seaside, and by all means if that’s what you want then go for it, because Holkham beach and Wells really are the best kept beaches in the UK. I honestly couldn’t believe I had never been to Wells when I saw it for the first time. My eyes lit up and I took a big gasp as the waves rolled over in the distance over miles of glorious golden sand. Everything you could possibly want from an English beach break will be catered for here. Even the fish and chips! Anyway!… Back to Holt… The village is so quaint and pretty. Little cobbled houses and comfy enticing pubs with their local beers and warm vintage Chesterfield chairs by the fire! There’s even a friendly fashionable store for the ladies located just off the main stretch of he high street which sells Marc Cain, Ash, Pinko and more. (Bring your credit card ;))
Amongst the magnificent miles of sandy beach’s and the many optional pubs for a pint are the endless surrounding countryside walks which will also take your breath away. 

If the spa is what your dreaming of then check into Centre Parks just down the road in Elverdon Forest for a pampering sesh! Also the Elverdon Inn is definitely worth checking out! It’s lovely!
For more choices of spas in Norfolk click the link below 👇
Here’s some snaps of our delightful little weekend away and a few other links that you might want to have a look at before venturing the Norfolk coast!..


Let Norfolk weave its humbling beautiful effect on you as you sit back and enjoy the sand between your toes, drink in your hand and the ones you love sitting right beside you… 


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