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🔵⚪️🔴 Nautical notes 🔴⚪️🔵


The blissful sound of waves breaking on the shore, the soft warm sand dancing under your toes, the beautiful warm sun kissing the freckles on your face… Oh summer… Where are you!? 

This year in paticular I have realised how much I love summer. It seems like it has been one loooonnnggggg year, intensified by rain, wind and grey cloud. So the anticipation of summer fashion is finally over as the shops are now swarmed by maxi dresses, fedoras and big round sunnies! (Swoon!) One style that we won’t be saying goodbye to, however, is the nautical trend. Here to stay, year in and year out is this amazingly fresh, clean-cut and beach themed line of clothing that suits every size, shape, age and personality! 

I’ve been asked by a friend to find a few key nautical pieces to help her out with styling this trend and where to find items, so I’ll include, where I can, websites, with a little bit of inspiration at the end to tickle your tastebuds! 🍹

So the main things to remember with the nautical fashion trend is to think simple. You will notice with all these looks the models are styled in clean, uncomplicated, flowing attire which goes together stunningly because quite simply, there’s not a lot going on. Think white, blue and red. Rule no.1! Then add stripes, espedrilles and accessories. Jewellery, scarves, floppy hats and bags with ropes! You can even make this look at home if you get creative with a bit of DIY materials! See if you can glean any ideas from my post!? Let me know what you think at the end of the page where you can leave your comments…

So here’s a few looks to start you off… 

So as you can probably tell, I love Asos. You could probably find everything you need to complete this look on their site. So definitely search for a few items or key pieces before hunting down accessories from elsewhere (if you need to!?).

Here’s a couple of other well priced items I found on 

New Look
New Look
New Look
 New Look

Once you’ve done your research you will find by mixing and matching a few different items from various sites you will create the perfect seaside look! Whether your relaxing on a boat in st Barts, wandering the streets of Puerto Banus, or chilling on the rocks at Newquay, you will look the part! Beach? Check. Boat? Check. Outfit? You’ve got no excuse now!!… Links listed below 👇

✨ Inspiration overload ✨




Saving the best for last… 

Let your dreams sail into the night and take your mind to a peaceful island where for a short while, your body and soul is in paradise. 

Night world, 

Elle X

Sea Salt Cornwall

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