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Boho on the brain ☀️

Is anyone else craving sun sea and sand!? 

I want salt in my hair, tan lines and freckles on my skin, ripped denim and bikinis… The pull of the boho vibe is addictive! So I’m going to share some of my favourite inspirational pictures to help all you hippie sun worshippers out there get in the mood for the beach!

Makeup and hair 

For me Summer is all about wearing less makeup and having messier hair… And looking better! (Whether this is actually so is neither here nor there!) so I’ve found a good site online that will walk you through some amazing hair styles that will make sure you look beautifully undone even if you’ve spent the morning creating the look! The goal is to get so good at these hair styles that you can do them in 5 minutes, wherever and whenever you want. (Link below)
With regards to makeup I would take a look at some of the amazing blogs you can find on Instagram or the tutorials on YouTube… They can give better advice than some of the well respected makeup artists because they trial affordable brands that the average person will likely buy and use. So check them out! Search under #MUA for great tips. For a general rule of thumb keep it simple. A full face of makeup in the sun will only melt and leave you looking shiny, clammy and fake. Prepare your skin by exfoliating, cleansing, prime and moisturise. Follow with some spf and a thin layer of Bb cream or mattifying foundation/ powder. Bronzer is your new best friend! This is one product you needn’t be ashamed of in the heat. Highlight your cheekbones and contour those features! Then keep it light with a slick of waterproof mascara and coloured lip balm.

See below for my favourite hair and beauty looks…

The black bikinis are beachriot and can be found on Asos or Revolve or you can try their own website

For rings and accessories try Shop Dixi

And all other bits and bobs to complete your look on asos. (Above)

For some amazing cocktail recipes to try at home click here:

For stylish bikinis and accessories including fringed towels and surfer vibes head over to:

For a complete boho fashion overload check out Free people for days that turn into nights…

And finally for a range of swimwear and outfits to suit all shapes and sizes try Diane’s beach wear

And Incase you haven’t had enough golden skinned wavy haired inspo, check out the blog over on Sabo skirt

Any tips or tricks for fun in the sun? Leave a comment below… ☀️😘☀️

Elle x

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