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Beers. Burgers. Bruges!

My friends and I arrived after a pleasant channel crossing to this beautiful little town just a short drive from Calais. The journey was quick, easy and care-free. A definite must if anyone is thinking of a road trip through Europe or a similar neighbourly break!?

Our friends had already visited Bruges, so luckily we had a few recommendations and insider tips! But really, all the pubs and restaurants we visited were amazing, so I don’t think you necessarily have to do too much research before exploring this wonderful town.

We stayed in an air bnb about 5 minutes from the main town. Definitely do this if your planning on drinking lots of local… (Ahem) drinks. The character of the property was absolutely stunning. A quaint and spectacularly decorated 3 floor home with all the necessary appliances for tea, coffee, washing, cooking etc… We were more than impressed.

 So on to my top places to eat and drink…

No.1; One-minnewater restaurant

literally this was the best restaurant in Bruges. Exquisite decor with an ethnic vibe… Lots of gold, crushed velvet, sparkle and ambiance! The food was delicious and we couldn’t fault the staff. A lovely meal from start to finish! For trip advisor reviews and a gallery click the link below:

No.2; ribs n beer

Ahh! What a treat this restaurant was! This was a highly recommended eatery with great reviews! The ribs were the best I’ve ever tasted! A lovely meal in a relaxed and humble atmosphere! Great beer too of course! 

No.3; 2be beer wall! 

The best seat in the house was had here! Overlooking stunning scenery of the town and canal was this historical beer wall / pub! With over 100 beers with their own glass to match, your mind will be blown by the multitude of flavours and artistic ways to drink a beer! This was truly the best place to be all weekend… Watching the world roll by whilst hearing the clip clopping of horse drawn carriages, pulled by magnificently maintained geldings.

No.4; Groot Vlaenderen 

For a beastly zombie cocktail head here! Growing up in “towie” means we like a strong cocktail in a posh bar! (Even if we’re more pauper than posh!) so head to the best cocktail bar in Bruges and relax in this dim lit, sparkling chandelier walled bar.

No.5; Staminee De Garre 

You will find countless pictures of this famous beer all over everyone and anyone’s social media site that might have set foot in Bruges! This local home brew is not for the faint hearted! All beers in Bruges come with cheese and this delicious mix will keep you coming back for more and more! The “de Garre” beer is a legend, something like 12%… You will want to find somewhere to eat after if not eating at the pub!


Let’s not forget the enticing chocolataire’s, or the cute cobbled streets, the peaceful boats on the water and the allure of the towering architecture…

So don’t let Bruges pass you by… Like stepping back in time you will blink and the mystery of its walls will be just as a dream. This town is truly enchanting… And I’ve barely brushed the surface…

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