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A wee lil bit of paradise

Intro; 23.07.16

Tired and delerious I pulled on my sandals to get out the car.

“We’re here!” My mother in law called with an elevated and excited shrill.

I could hardly see in front of my eyes, partly due to the fact it’s now gone midnight and I’m shattered from being up since 6am the day before, and the other part is I can hardly see in the dark! Brilliant! It didn’t matter though, the strong smell of salt in the air hit me and I took a deep breath in to cleanse my tired soul. The ‘Crab Shack’ was just a few steps away.

“Wow. Oh my goodness it’s so beautiful,” I can hear Tina gasp from indoors. I’m stood on the veranda with the guys chatting looking out to sea (the tide is out) on my left, and the girls inside the house through to the right. The anticipation is too much, I quickly follow Tina into the house were I am truly gobsmacked. The allure of the open fire is the first thing that catches my attention and I am instantly comfortable, relaxed, warm, home. ‘Wow this place is amazing,’ I think to myself, or maybe I say it out loud, I don’t know, because then I see Jakes cousin, our good friends Joe and Becky and we are all excitedly embracing and choosing seats round the huge wooden dining table to tuck into some freshly cooked pasta and chilled white wine. There’s too much to catch up on…

Tina and I make sure we explore thoroughly before we join in with the background noise, the master bedroom is beautiful. There’s a coastal theme running through the decor of the house, but it’s not a cheesy coastal theme, it has a modern finish with a touch of glamour throughout, slightly rustic with period features; it’s gritty but clean, spotless yet homely, White but shabby. It’s that whole juxtaposed essence of old and new that makes you gape in awe and the whole home fills you with loveliness. That is what this place is… Lovely. 

By now the lads are out sitting on the decking and admiring the sea that has come rolling in almost up to the front door. We all grab a blanket and head out to watch the moon dance on the water. Glistening, shimmering, whispering to us as we gaze out into the night. “This is like paradise,” Tina and I agree, all taking a moment to soak in the atmosphere. It’s suddenly gone 2pm, and we must all sleep… So like a parent putting a child to bed, the waves and the shine of the big full moon guide us in the right direction and we peacefully depart to lay down our heads for the evening, eagerly looking forward to the week ahead…

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