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Ewwwww…. Work 😏

You know the feeling? Thought so…

Well let’s face it, the majority of the world has to go to work and earn money… For those that don’t have to, they do anyway, because they like money lol.or bags? Or fashion? Or cars!? Whatever it is that drives you to drag yourself out of bed every morning and join the rat race, let this be your driving force to look and feel good when your at work!

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I take a deep breath in and sigh with relief. I’VE DONE IT! “It’s over,” I think, whilst clutching my well deserved cider which was thrust my way by the staff. My chest and arms are burning, legs like jelly, blood is fizzing! (Maybe that’s the electric shock therapy!?) 

It feels like it’s been a loooong journey to get here… and now it’s all over! 3 hours of gruelling mud, sweat and water, obstacles, ice, oh and did I mention mud!? I’ll take you back to how it all started…

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