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C h e a p  F r i l l s

So like me, you’ve probably fallen in loooove with thrills!? No? 

Ok, maybe some of you… to be honest I wouldn’t have put myself down as a “frilly” kinda girl!? However, I’ve been sold by other amazing bloggers and the ability to make a rag look good on a bunch on bones so therefore, fashions got me. 

If you don’t like frills, maybe your looking in the wrong places. This ones for you. Below is a list of stores that are selling the trend (which is probably every high street store by now anyway!), a few pictures of the bloggers that changed my mind, and the links to these amazing pieces. You don’t need to buy everything! Just buy a few statement items that you can mix and match to look on trend and very kool!

 As I said, I was converted, and I think you will be too…

The girls that gave me the frill:

Click to buy:

Top – Shopbop

Find more on

Click to buy:

Top – Zara

Dress – H&M

Top – H&M

Choker – Missguided

Top – Zara

Find more on

So now you’ve seen a little inspiration from the girls of the moment, here’s some options for high end v high street; courtesy of Storets, Zara, and Asos

Now I’m all hyped up and ready to take on the day in a “pretty” top! 

Hope you are too!? Happy Shopping! X x x 😬

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