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🔺💲pree  V 💲teal 🔻

– (Whilst listening to Bruno Mars, Versace on the floor.)

There is a good reason why Versace is on the floor my friend, and it’s not because Bruno Mars is in the bedroom, it’s because I just found exactly the same dress for a tenth of the price! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love designer clothes. They are made stunningly, cut elegantly, and styled beautifully. But we’re not all on a designer wage now are we!? Therefore, all hail the great British high street! You’ve got to love it! And I’ve realised lately why bloggers who style high street brands get so much credit. Because they are the ones relating to the general public. Showing how you don’t need to spend a fortune to look good! So there you go, my musings for a 4am Saturday morning, oh yeh and… I’ve suddenly realised, (as if it’s some massive revelation to me), why I don’t watch TV… its because I’m trawling the internet finding high street versions of high end designer pieces. 

So I’ve decided to share this info with you… if you loved the frilly inspiration in the last post then feast your eyes on a few key pieces I’ve found on these very affordable online stores. I’m going to post screen shots of the designer version, and then where you can find it for less! Yes! 

Enjoy ladies 💋

My favourite dress of the moment – on the website and on one of my favourite bloggers, 

Here’s a similar style you can find on asos (link below) 


And then below here in a very similar style and a different colour- 


Only £28!
A pretty little top that would cost you over £100… 

You can get a very similar one from Asos or direct from Missguided: 


Lastly I saw this dress online a while back but I can’t for the life of me find it now!? Anyway think flowy, for love and lemons style Italian dreams and your half way there… here’s a few designer versions I’ve found, and then a more realistic High street version for the holidays 👌

And now for the steal-

I found this little beauty on pretty little thing :


Only £25! 

So will you spree or steal!? 

I know what I’d rather do! 

X Elle X

Outfit above is from Asos, Zara and Daisy Street shoes xxx

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