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So Dam Good 

I’ve been scrolling through my old posts to find out what I’ve written about Amsterdam before?… But I can’t find anything, I was so sure I had!? Oh well, It means there is more to write about now! 🌷

I absolutely love Amsterdam. I could probably write a book on the place now, but it’s early in the morning, and to be honest I’m still a little sore headed from last night, so let’s stick with the bullet point version (lol!) 

All you need to know is, Amsterdam is amazing! It really is charming, beautiful, historical, cultural and err, educational! From the sobering and unbelivable Anne Franks House, to the buzzing, mysterious paths that are the Red Light District. This little city has something for everyone. Exploring the cobbled streets and getting to know the Dutch over the past 3 years has been truly a wonderful and captivating experience. Like I said, I could write an essay on my adventures here, but that would leave you with nothing to discover know would it!? So, in no particular order, but my most memorable and probably favourites first, here’s my list of top things to do in Amsterdam…

  • Heineken experience – we’ve been twice now, and most recently we discovered they had moved the bar area upstairs. So when you finish the tour, which is actually really good, you can look over the city with your beer and enjoy some tunes too. Gold. 
  • Bols Museum – Another drinking tour. Buts it’s no average brewery. This is cocktail making at its best! Learn about the history of this famous liqueur and then watch some talented bar flaring before your taste sensation at the end! Delicious! 
  • Anne Frank House – it’s a must. I haven’t read the diary, but I knew about her because, I think we were supposed to study it at school. I can’t remember!?) But most people know the story of Anne Frank. Well let me tell you, you will know about her at the end of the museum. This is an eye opening, emotional tour where you literally step behind the original bookcase and see into this little girls life. Like going back in time, you walk through the rooms where she literally lived for years writing in her little notepad, words that would touch lives decades in the future. Mad. 
  • Shopping – ok, I know it’s not particularly educational, but the shopping in Amsterdam is so good! From the golden street in the museum quarter where you will find Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, to Dam Square and beyond where charming little streets open up the high street stores to the crowds of shoppers! The Dutch people are so friendly, helpful and lovely! We felt like we literally made friends with everyone in every shop! Top tip; take dollar! 
  • Canal cruise – when in Amsterdam, you need to take a boat trip. Standard. Try dam boat guys. Or Heineken do an offer where you get the tour, a canal cruise and the Adam tower thrown in for a set price. Definitely worth doing! Which leads me swiftly on to…
  • The Adam Tower – Amsterdam Look out point. First of all, the lift is amazing! Secondly the view is sensational! Finally, check out there famous swing! Say no more. 
  • The Red Light District – Not as seedy as you might think. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. So it’s no surprise that these pretty streets turn in to a candy shop when the sun goes down. Men, women, families and the crowds flock this area at all times of the day. And it’s pretty normal. Well I mean, it’s totally not normal, but what you will see will I’m sure surprise you. If for nothing else, there are some great restaurants in this area! 
  • Dam Square – obviously. It’s beautiful. The architecture of the buildings is stunning. The open space with the street acts is charming. A busy hub of life in this quirky city. 

There really are a tonne of things you can do here. But what’s also important is the glorious food and drink! Here’s a few of my favourite little watering holes- 

  • Tales and Spirits – oh my goodness, this place really surprised me. If your looking for cocktails and ambience, this is the one! Trip advisor doesn’t do it justice. The cocktails all come with a story. If you love fantasy, being enchanted and won over with healthy persuasion, you won’t be able to resist. Stylish, speak easy bar with amazing atmosphere. It’s worth your visit.
  • Van Speyk – Great food, great price, great everything. This was a perfect level of, not too posh, but upper class enough to dress up, put your heels on, have lobster and steak and not feel out of place. (Wow that’s long winded!?) Anyway, for me, I felt comfortable, the staff were lovely and the food was brilliant. So that’s a winner in my eyes. I would definitely return. Loved it.
  • B&B Lunchroom – (aka Bagels and Beans) – This is such a good option for your late breakfast / brunch pit stop. The food is delicious. There are a few in Dam but our favourite little spot is in Leidseplein. 
  • Blue Amsterdam – what a stunning venue for a bit of grub! This was a great little find. Cosy, laid back urban decor and delicious food to go with it. You’ll thank me later…
  • Other places I would recommend are the Thai restaurants in the red light district, The butchers secret kitchen, the lobby and Antonio’s Italian in Leidseplein. 

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