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Prague. The biggest and best pleasant surprise I have ever experienced. I’m not joking. 

The Czech Republic really has been for me a truly historical and beautiful eye opener. If you like city’s, you will love Prague. The buildings tower over you with timeless elegance. The streets wind and curve in between the hustle and bustle of tourists, locals and horse and cart. Cute cafes and posh pubs line the new town whilst stunning secret gardens and intriguing pathways with breathtaking views take you back to the old town. This was my favourite part. 

While the ladies, weirdly, looked like they had been plucked from the local streets of Brentwood (FYI; TOWIE), the other members of the population seemed to be men, and the rest of your typical tourists that roame the streets. Fashion seemed to be a bit… 90s… (if you know what I mean!?) but to be honest I found this endearing. The city has a true ageless charm to it. It isn’t trying to keep up with the newest trend or give birth to a new style genre, it is what it is; A little bit of history that has remained unspoilt for our enjoyment. And the people and the fashions represent that. Don’t get me wrong, there is still good shopping malls, a great street with designer shops to burn a whole in your pocket, and a wonderful atmosphere to accompany your shopping addiction. It just isn’t quite so obsessed as the rest of the world is with what’s on your body.

Something I did feel they got right: a salad. (Cringe!) We had so much salad! Not necessarily a bad thing, considering how much prosecco we were drinking on an hourly basis! Here’s a link to my favourite food spots while we were there. And these places really were amazing! I’ve only included the best 🙂


Our last supper. This place was beaaaauuutiful ❤️ and you get cute little blankets for when the temperature drops in the evening 🙂


This was probably my favourite! This place is underground, it was like being in a cave. So kool. It was a dim lit, medieval inspired modern restaurant. Quirky but elegant.

I fell in love. Here’s why;

We ate lunch almost every day at this cute cafe just off the main square…

Hotel U Prince:

And lastly, to share with you, a cute little secret garden that we found off the beaten track strolling from the famous castle grounds back towards Charles Bridge in the centre of the city.

F A S H I O N  NOW  P L E A S E . . . 

Here’s a list of my outfits;

Blue dress ; Zara

Top; Zara / Skirt; Topshop

Top and skirt; both Mango

Shoes; New Look

Top: Topshop

Jeans: Asos

Sandals: Birkenstock

Top: Misguided

Skort: Asos

Shoes: New Look (as before)

And some of the BEST bits…

Thankyou for sharing with me some of your secrets… pretty Praha 💝 x

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