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To Bridezilla…

Because we all know your out there! Ha ha! There’s always that oneeee friend, no!? Well this one is for you…. some simple, affordable presents that will make your bridesmaids feel special, take the stress off you, and make you the best bride, let alone friend, and hey, all its cost you is reading a few words on a random blog, clicking on a link and spending a few quid. So here it is; some ideas for the bride, some for the bridesmaids, and a bit of Inspo just to shake it up a bit…

Spa Weekend;

Boux Avenue Mrs Robe

Boux Avenue bridesmaid


There are some amazing robes and accessories you can get for the perfect spa get-away. From robes and slippers, to t-shorts and underwear. You could even pack this cute little clutch with face masks and sweets and have a DIY spa at home to save on pennies!




Or how about this for the whole gang:

And if your thinking of doing a sporty, activities based weekend for the girls, what about a cute cap to keep you shady this summer!?

All of these stylish numbers can be found on:


So now I’ve covered a few sites for some interesting gifts, here is some inspiration if what I’ve provided just isn’t right…

And this was my and my girls on one of my best friends wedding day •

Leave some feedback below, Thankyou! 💋

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