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The nightmare that is… going to a fancy dress party as Harley Quinn.

So our friends threw a Fancy dress party for their 5th wedding anniversary party last weekend… and I’m not going to lie… initial thoughts: oh why!? I’ve always hated fancy dress parties… hate the dressing up, hated paying for an outfit I would only wear once, and secretly loved the competition! So there it was, our invitation. Clear and neatly presented on a slate background were the welcoming words; “don’t be boring”.

Ok, just embrace it. The worst part about a fancy dress party is the decision. What will you go as? Well, for this party the theme was film or tv stars. As a blonde I felt like the list of decent characters might as well be halved. (I don’t know why I felt like this but I did!) So I started listing characters and going through websites and trying to decide who to be… I’m not a legally blonde type girl, nor did I want to go as the obvious Sandy or Pink Lady. Then I had it; Harley Quinn. She’s fearless, quirky and blonde. Hooray! And my other half could go as the joker. It seemed like a perfect idea!

Until I tried to buy the outfit…

First of all to try and save money I bought an outfit off Depop. 1 week in and the loser deleted her account and I had no outfit on its way.

I tried buying a t-shirt off eBay and that was to arrive too late. With one week to go I wanted to give up on the blasted Harley Quinn idea. But, I’d bought a baseball bat … *ergh*

So… in my eyes… the baseball bat meant I might as well do everything in my power to go as the villain. All the eBay outfits were coming from China, all the outfits from fancy dress shops had wigs (I really didn’t want a wig) The whole situation was annoying me. I had annoyed myself. Anyway… your probably getting as bored reading this as I was trying to sort the outfit! In the end I bought a t-shirt from Primark for £1 and a jacket off eBay for £20. (The only one that was to arrive on time) and I decided to wear a pair of black denim shorts and fishnet tights that I already had. My other half managed to pull off his look by simple makeup. Lucky.

Here’s the final look;

And a few from the photo booth –

My top tip for this look;

  • The messier and dirtier the better ; bronzer on your t-shirt
  • Smudged makeup
  • Messy hair
  • Buy extensions and use cheap hair spray!

And remember… if you’re going to do fancy dress… then do it properly! Make sure you look and act the part. You don’t have to spend loads. You just have to be commuted. Don’t forget to have fun!

The party was amazing! X

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