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I decided to delete my Instagram. Yep. Big decision I know. Why? You ask?

Well… I’m kind of asking my self the same question now. Almost debating throwing my phone away now I don’t have the crazy little app! And there we have it. It’s for that reason my friends, that I’ve decided to break free from the alluring and addictive force that is Instagram.

Why do some people feel the need to post ‘amazing’ photos on social media, a picture of what they had for breakfast, or an outfit that they think they look “instagood” in!? Is it to get likes? Is it because they enjoy it? Well that’s how it started for me… much the same way as I started my blog. I enjoy it! I thought…

I had an Instagram account (not attached at this point) and I was following models and random girls with a million followers, comparing my very average OOTD with theirs, and where does it leave you? It left me wanting more. And desiring more. From myself. Constantly comparing myself and my outfits to others and wondering why they have so many followers and how they did it. Yes I could get a bot to do the hard work for me, yeh I could pay a photographer to take “blogger” photos of me. But I didn’t want to. You’ve either got to be loved because your lucky and you get noticed. Or don’t be in the game. For someone like me, with a slightly destructive and addictive personality… Instagram became a total head mess. Don’t get me wrong I’m not about to jump off a building, but now I’ve deleted it, I’m almost lost. And now I realise what a pull it had on me. Instagram for some people isn’t just a site to put your photos on. It’s a platform to show your expertise, it’s a CV. It’s fake. You can be whatever you want to be on social media and people watching from the other side perceive what they want because of what you have decided to post about your life on a little thumbnail.

If you have the balance, instagram is amazing. I totally see it for all its benefits and advantages. For me, I’m saying good riddance. I’ve got my life back. I’m not thinking about what order to put my photos in to make my feed look more appealing to a viewer. I won’t be adding people while I’m on the bike at the gym to gain followers. My friends who are my friends are going to have to actually make contact with me to find out how I am and what I’m up to. I’m pretty sure, somewhere along the way, it’s me that’s got this weird fascination in my head, but if like me, your contemplating deleting your account, I say do it. Let go of something that’s stopping you from being you and breathe a normal breath of normal fresh air again, get on with normal stuff and get your head up off the screen.


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