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I have a confession.

It’s been a week and a half since I deleted my Instagram. It’s been quite a shock to be honest, but I’m assuming I’ll get over it…

Get over the addiction to check my phone constantly,

Get over the new absence of notifications…

Get over the fear of falling dangerously off the face of the earth and having no idea what’s going on in the world!

Oh dear, it really is a shame. Such a shame what social media has done to the world. Come on, I know I’m not alone on this!

So yes, I have a confession. I did relapse and sign into my other IG account! BUT! I had to log onto the internet, and it wasn’t the same. I didn’t have to post a blogger photo, I didn’t feel the need to scroll down to the last photo I remember, I didn’t have to like every photo I saw, and I certainly didn’t spend more than 5 minutes of my precious time on it.

I have deleted the app on my phone, so this has definitely made a difference. I can’t even see if my business IG account is receiving notifications. I was literally bored on the exercise bike at the gym and thought “oh I’ll just sign in and have a look at Insta on the web!”

The weird thing is, an overwhelming part of me feels like I’m cheating on myself! Lol. Like I’m being deceptive and my good side is going to know exactly what the bad side is up to!

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is; “look, I do have a business Instagram. This is strictly business related. I won’t be posting photos of my personal life, I won’t be posting stories so any tom dick and Harry can see what I’m up to. I’ll be leaving this account in its place. Safely up in the IT clouds somewhere, until I feel a necessary sales post is due.”

I still feel exactly the same way about my personal Instagram as I did last week. This cleanse is good.

And it will continue…

If anyone has any comments, questions or suggestions. Please leave a comment below

Elle x

2 thoughts on “I have a confession.

  1. You say how better it is not to be plugged into social media and yet you have written a long long blog for other people to waste their time reading it, and by doing this you’re still plugged into social media, its funny actually


    1. Interestingly I had the choice to approve this comment… which I did because I want people to be able to express their opinions, just as I have with my blog. Social media is fast becoming a proven issue among people in today’s world. A new kind of addiction that I have found many people relate to. My Instagram got me interviews and attention that I never could of dreamed about getting. And wouldn’t have got if it wasn’t for my social media account. However, when I deleted it, I had far more interest from people in the debate that I have discussed on my blog than I’ve ever had from any other photo post or blog. Is it because so many people feel the same way as I do? I’m not going to go against social media just because I deleted Instagram. There’s plenty of other platforms out there. I’m simply stating a personal struggle I had with this one site… one that obviously strikes a cord with many like minded people. Your obviously not one of them. Thanks for reading though dude 🙂


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