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D U B L I N … (you old dog!)

So there we were… cabin bag in one hand, full steam ahead. It’s 8am, and there’s no time to hang around. So we dumped our bags in the hotel lobby and asked for directions to, yep, the Guiness Factory.

Day one consisted of a rather long walk round the whole outside building of the distillery, (rolls eyes – my friends fault, not mine!) drinking a well earned Guiness at the top of the gravity bar, (amazing!) visiting the Kilmainham jail which was sobering and yet inspirational to say the least. We ended our day freshening up back at the hotel and then we swanned over to “Sophie’s” at the Dean and went for a quick drink to finish off our night.

Our day in pictures;

Day 2

Up and out by 10. We’re on it. We had a full day shopping, mooching and exploring the famous “Temple Bar” area. Spent far too much and started drinking far too early. Well if you can’t do it at home…

Our evening meal was at the beautiful and quirky “Peruke and Periwig”, on Grafton Street. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. The hallway to the restaurant felt like an episode of haunted, but the vibes were warm and inviting. Plush pink velvet sofas seated romantic couples and trendy Dubliners. This speakeasy is one not to be missed. After flaming cocktails and Zombified tasters, we made our way back once more to get ready for our night out.

Live music, plenty of Guiness , and one smashed up danced on iPhone later at “the quays” had us strolling on down to “La seine” to twirl until our toes hurt, spin until our sides spun, and crash at 3am. Dublin done.

Day 3

Have one last beer before hop-ping on an air coach to Belfast…

To be continued…

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