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Beautiful Belfast.

It was our last pint in Dublin on a Saturday afternoon; the sun was peaking through the clouds and the students and tourists had all come out of the woodwork. Bustling shops and entertaining street acts filled the city on our last day. Jake and I were truly shattered!

On arriving in Belfast 2 hours later we soon realised, thanks to our super friendly air bnb host, that Saturdays nights were the night to go out on. So out came the heels again for another night in a new city! (Minus my smashed up phone due to a very excited toe tapping dancer in Dublin!)

We Went for an amazing curry and then out for a drink at the perch which fyi is super kool! The entrance for this trendy bar looks like a scene from the glamour awards. Beautiful flowers are climbing the walls, draping from the ceilings and decorating the urban stone walls. This is where it’s at for Instagram worthy selfies! Don’t miss it!

Sunday was our sightseeing day…

The giants causeway; it had to be done! The pictures speak for themselves… the breathtaking coastal landscape was like a scene from GOT (wait a minute… ok bad joke!)

All laughing aside. This place is amazing. It’s what you come to Ireland for. The rope bridge was also exhilarating. If you get the chance to take the steps of the fishermen from long ago, do it. What a way to end the break. ❤️

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