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Outfit of choice

I mean, the weather doesn’t help an indecisive person really does it? It’s hot, it’s cold, it snows, it’s 25 degrees! (Wipes head and sighs melodramatically)… Last night was full of laughs. My friends and I headed to the Cliffs Pavilion in sunny Southend on sea to see a comedy show. (Russel Brand, actually). Now, I often think that phrase is a total lie, but it looks like this week Essex is in for a treat. A heat wave is due this week to sweep over our pale English skin and give us all a spot of the old sunburn I predict! But don’t get too excited. This is the problem! By the evening last night, it was freezing! (Slight exaggeration for all intent and purposes!)

Therefore guys!; wear your sunnies with your scarves and your tshirt with your wellies!

Enjoy the weekend, 💋

HAT: Asos

JUMPER: New Look


BELT: Dr Martens

BOOTS: Topshop

BAG: Lacoste

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