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What Why and Where to?

So I thought i’d share a small snippet of my life on here… I haven’t been writing for a while because to be honest, I’ve been having a little break from social media. I want to let you know what I’ve learnt, why I’m back, and where I’m going. Here goes…

Deleting my Instagram at the beginning of the year was like a breath of fresh air for me. Yeh I, (cringing), found it a bit difficult at first. That’s habit for you. I wasn’t used to watching TV and not scrolling, or getting into bed without checking my phone, actually texting or calling my friends to ask, “hey what have you been up to” because, if you haven’t noticed, i deleted my instagram. For me, coming off social media taught me to have a better relationship with myself, others, and my phone. I was the sort of person to be very self critical, I would over analyse everything (thanks instagram analytics!) and I think in general I have a bit of an addictive personality, therefore I needed to change the way I viewed this network. Fast forward 6 months and this is what I’ve learnt; I cant have Instagram just for my friends and family to see what I’m up to. If you’re my friend you should know what I’m up to, and if you don’t… (i didn’t say it). Some people can, I can’t. I believe the other option is to view Instagram like a business. As I said in a previous blog post, it’s almost like a CV these days with bloggers, retailers and business’s alike showcasing their latest #healthydinner, travel tips, outifts, new products etc etc. So I had plenty of time to think, and in this time I realized I couldn’t have both. I literally enjoy instagram for the style and inspiration, just like many other apps, therefore now I have got a new IG, that is what my focus is. My new instagram is not in any way a true reflection of every detail of my life. come on people, we all know you’re only sharing the best bits! So as far as I’m concerned, my everyday activities are still private and there are many aspects to my personality and life that you will not know. This being said, I know I am still putting myself out there to be judged, and I know people do make their own assumptions and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that’s fine. I’ve decided to get an IG persona back for work related reasons. I am currently blogging for an amazing hair company called ‘Bria Hair’ (check them out!) where i will be writing a series of posts to encourage creativity and excitement around the world of hair styling and coloring. (please don’t judge me on mine! lol). I hope in the future I can write for other brands and take on as much voluntary writing work as possible until I have enough experience to get paid to do what I love. If this never happens, well I haven’t lost anything. If Beckham got told he wasn’t going to get paid to play football do you think he would never kick a ball again?

In conclusion, sorry that’s not very exciting, I need to lock up my day job, surround yourself with positive influence, follow or unfollow, do what you love, live freely and worry less. Embrace the technology the world offers you, but don’t take it too seriously. In line with this, here’s a snap of the quiz I have included, just for fun, in the first blog post I have written for Briahair. To read more, stay tuned, and I’ll post a link as soon as it’s finished!

Elle x

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