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October’s almost over…

Fluffy blankets, cosy socks and teddy coats. This autumn has got us wrapped up in some super sassy trends. Autumn is my favourite season, and for good reason. Not only is October my birth month, I also think it’s the prettiest time of year. And I think you’re going to agree…

Who really needs inspiration for this beautiful season? Nature is screaming with stunning colours and with the birth of New York/ London / Paris / Milan fashion week, comes new inspiring pieces that influence our AW wardrobes. So here’s a collection of the top items gracing the bloggersphere this season.

Get cosy, cuddle up, and get comfortable with these staples – items are all linked so you can click to shop. Enjoy

Elle x

The teddy coat

I’m not going to lie, I found it hard to warm to this one, but the more I see these cuddly coats the more I want to get my chilly mitts on one! If you need inso, #teddycoat…

Feeling rich? Then indulge in the cream of the crop;


For those of you reluctant to part with a few hundred bob, and trust me I’m with you, try these high street versions;


New Look


Animal print

It’s not going anywhere guys. But this year it’s in all shapes and sizes. There was a time when the leopard got all the fame, now you can shine whatever your skin! If you’re not bold enough to do it all over, try implementing this into your accessories, see my top picks below:



Nasty gal


And lastly, it’s sweater weather! Hoorah!

From glittery, sequins, embellished and all things shiny and shimmery to baggy, fluffy, dark and down right ugly. I’m thinking Long walks in the fresh air frolicking amongst crunchy leaves and mulled wine.

Ohhh and I think this could very well carry on into winter ❄️




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