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I decided to delete my Instagram. Yep. Big decision I know. Why? You ask?

Well… I’m kind of asking my self the same question now. Almost debating throwing my phone away now I don’t have the crazy little app! And there we have it. It’s for that reason my friends, that I’ve decided to break free from the alluring and addictive force that is Instagram.

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Ok so this post is a long time coming…

I’ve been manic since getting back to the UK and I’ve finally got back into routine so I’m here to share pictures and my journey with you one snippet at a time! 🙂

We touched down in Rome around mid day Wednesday 31st August. It was a beautiful, scorching summers day and the air surrounded us like a luxurious warm blanket comforting the skin. It was super hot. So new Prada sunglasses in tow, we headed over to the car park to meet friends and start our adventure! Eek!

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The nightmare that is… going to a fancy dress party as Harley Quinn.

So our friends threw a Fancy dress party for their 5th wedding anniversary party last weekend… and I’m not going to lie… initial thoughts: oh why!? I’ve always hated fancy dress parties… hate the dressing up, hated paying for an outfit I would only wear once, and secretly loved the competition! So there it was, our invitation. Clear and neatly presented on a slate background were the welcoming words; “don’t be boring”.

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To Bridezilla…

Because we all know your out there! Ha ha! There’s always that oneeee friend, no!? Well this one is for you…. some simple, affordable presents that will make your bridesmaids feel special, take the stress off you, and make you the best bride, let alone friend, and hey, all its cost you is reading a few words on a random blog, clicking on a link and spending a few quid. So here it is; some ideas for the bride, some for the bridesmaids, and a bit of Inspo just to shake it up a bit…
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So Dam Good 

I’ve been scrolling through my old posts to find out what I’ve written about Amsterdam before?… But I can’t find anything, I was so sure I had!? Oh well, It means there is more to write about now! 🌷

I absolutely love Amsterdam. I could probably write a book on the place now, but it’s early in the morning, and to be honest I’m still a little sore headed from last night, so let’s stick with the bullet point version (lol!) 

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