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So my brother in law took the leap and moved abroad. He’s living life on the streets, (well in between sofa surfing), but he’s happy. The happiest he’s ever been. So the family, albeit worried sick about his diminishing stomach and the fact his passport has run out and he’s basically a fugitive (No I’m not joking, and that’s only the cherry on top, but we will save that for another post) are happy for him. Well in his delightful and peaceful contentment of homelessness we decided to hop on a plane and see the silly sod for ourselves. (My mother in law was most depressed!) I booked the flights and off we went. Pursue and rescue. At least that’s what she thought…

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Ok so this post is a long time coming…

I’ve been manic since getting back to the UK and I’ve finally got back into routine so I’m here to share pictures and my journey with you one snippet at a time! 🙂

We touched down in Rome around mid day Wednesday 31st August. It was a beautiful, scorching summers day and the air surrounded us like a luxurious warm blanket comforting the skin. It was super hot. So new Prada sunglasses in tow, we headed over to the car park to meet friends and start our adventure! Eek!

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The nightmare that is… going to a fancy dress party as Harley Quinn.

So our friends threw a Fancy dress party for their 5th wedding anniversary party last weekend… and I’m not going to lie… initial thoughts: oh why!? I’ve always hated fancy dress parties… hate the dressing up, hated paying for an outfit I would only wear once, and secretly loved the competition! So there it was, our invitation. Clear and neatly presented on a slate background were the welcoming words; “don’t be boring”.

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